How To Get Toll Free Numbers Easily & Cheaply?

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It is easier and cheaper than ever to offer a toll free number for your customers and associates to contact you today. This is an important aspect of any business – after all, if your customers can’t reach your business in an easy and convenient way, you simply can’t keep up with the competition.

Toll Free Numbers Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness

Today, many people do business online, but if that is the only option you provide your customers to keep in touch, you are certainly missing out on sales opportunities. This is especially true if your customers base is not only local, but statewide, nationwide or even worldwide. Often time customers prefer to speak to a real person to make that final decision. This is when your toll free numbers differ you from your competitors.

Communications Made Easy & Inexpensive

Communication with your company needs to be simple, easy and non-technical – and that’s exactly what a toll-free phone number provides. International and out-of-state clients prefer a toll free number that makes it cheap to speak with a representative of your business.

Conference Call, Video Meeting On The Go

Do you often hold meetings with suppliers, staff members or other stake holders in your business? No doubt they are all in different locales. By providing a toll-free number, you can easily schedule a conference call or video meeting everywhere with an internet access.

Professional Looking With Toll Free Numbers

And, finally, a toll-free phone number makes your business look more professional. Yours is not just a fledgling mom-and-pop organization when you’ve got an 800, 855, 866, 877 or 888 number associated with it.

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Setting Up Your Toll Free Number Is As Easy As Pie

Modern companies use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) toll-free number, because it is less expensive than one provided by a traditional telephone company. It still functions the same as a traditional toll-free telephone number as far as ingoing/ outgoing calls are concerned but works with any type of internet-connected device from any location.

With a VoIP toll-free number, you are in control. There are lots of setup options available for your business. These options can be accessed anywhere and anytime through a cloud-based account management system, which makes administrative tasks such as adding users, forwarding calls, setting up remote locations and managing devices easy. Check out the video by RingCentral below to see how VoIP toll-free number works.

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Choosing a Good Toll-Free Number

The toll-free phone number you choose is very important. It’s much easier for clients and suppliers to remember a number that translates to a phrase meaningful for your company. A vanity number (such as 800-MY-PHONE) is an excellent choice. It’s also a great way to expand the visibility of your company’s brand.

Try to think of a single word or short phrase that best describes your company or use a part of your business name. For instance, ABC Widgets might want a number such as 866-CALL-ABC; XYZ Movie Rentals would probably prefer something like 877-4MOVIES. You only have seven digits to work with so make each one count!

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Up to date, Ring Central is serving more than 300,000 customers. Their private cloud platform and global datacenter, together with AT&T partnership just got them more reliable than ever.

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